Hilary is in charge of a cinema in an English seaside town and tries to preserve her fragile sanity. Stephen is a new employee who longs to leave this small provincial town where every day can quickly turn into an ordeal. By getting closer to each other, they will learn to heal their wounds through music, cinema and the feeling of belonging to a group...


Iconic character of best-selling detective novels, find the private detective Philip Marlowe brilliantly played by Liam Neeson. In 1939, in Bay City, California, when the career of private detective Philip Marlowe is in a slump, Clare Cavendish comes to ask for his help in finding her former lover, Nico Peterson, who has mysteriously disappeared. Marlowe's investigation will lead him to Club Corbata, the haunt of the most influential and wealthy inhabitants of Los Angeles. But soon, he clashes with his former police colleagues as he snoops behind the scenes of the Hollywood industry and into the affairs of one of the most powerful families in the City of Angels.


A deeply intimate portrait of an American childhood in the 20th century, The Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg immerses us in the family history of the filmmaker who shaped his personal and professional life. From the initiatory story of a lonely young man who aspires to realize his dreams, the film explores romantic relationships, artistic ambition, sacrifice and moments of lucidity that allow us to have a sincere and tender look at ourselves. ourselves and our parents. Passionate about cinema, Sammy Fabelman spends his time filming his family. If he is encouraged in this way by his mother Mitzi, endowed with an artistic temperament, his father Burt, an accomplished scientist, considers his passion to be above all a hobby. Over the years, Sammy, by dint of pointing his camera at his parents and sisters, has become the documentarian of the family history! He even makes increasingly sophisticated little amateur films, performed by his friends and his sisters. But when his parents decide to move to the west of the country, he discovers a shocking reality about his mother that shakes up his relationship with her and rocks his future and that of his loved ones.


When her mother goes missing while vacationing in Colombia with her new boyfriend, June searches for answers but her investigations are hampered by international bureaucracy. Stuck in Los Angeles, thousands of miles away, June ingeniously uses the latest technology at her fingertips to find her mother before it's too late. But as she continues her digital investigation, she finds herself faced with more mysteries than explanations... and when June reveals her mother's secrets, she discovers that she never really knew her. The sequel to the feature film "Searching - Lost Scope".


Vincent is a famous successful entrepreneur. One day, a car breakdown on a mountain road temporarily interrupts his frantic race. Pierre, who lives apart from the modern world in the middle of a sublime nature, comes to his aid and offers him hospitality. The meeting between these two men who are opposites will upset their respective certainties. And they will find themselves laughing. Deep down, are they really each living the lives they want to live?


A new adventure awaits Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne in their life as a couple and as superheroes! All is well: Scott has written a best-selling book while Hope defends humanitarian causes with the greatest dedication. Their family - Janet van Dyne and Hank Pym (Hope's parents) and Cassie, Scott's daughter - are finally part of their daily life. Cassie shares her new family's passion for science and technology, especially as it relates to the quantum realm. But his curiosity leads them all on an unplanned, unreturnable odyssey into the vast subatomic world, a mysterious place where they encounter strange new creatures, a society in crisis, and a ruthless master of time whose menacing shadow is just beginning to expand. Scott and Cassie are suddenly pulled in one direction while Hope, Janet and Hank find themselves thrown in another. All are lost in a world at war, without knowing how they will be able to get out of it or even if they will one day find their way home...

TITANIC 3D Release

Southampton, April 10, 1912. The largest and most modern liner in the world, renowned for its unsinkability, the "Titanic", sets sail for its maiden voyage. Four days later, it hits an iceberg. On board, a poor artist and a wealthy bourgeois fall in love.


Have you ever wondered what the world of mummies was like? Beneath the pyramids of Egypt lies a fabulous kingdom, where mummies drive chariots, dream of becoming pop stars and live apart from human civilization. But when an unscrupulous archaeologist plunders one of their treasures, Thut and Princess Nefer, engaged in spite of themselves, are forced to team up and go to the world of the living. Accompanied by Thut's brother and his pet crocodile, they will live an extraordinary adventure in London and form an unexpected friendship.


Maurice the fabulous cat arrives in a new city, with his friends the rats. One goal: to rip everyone off, then purr over a cozy pile of gold coins. But when they arrive, mysterious and magical events disturb their plan. Nothing goes as planned and they decide to investigate. So begins a great adventure for this hairy little band!


Set more than a decade after the events chronicled in the first film, AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER tells the story of the members of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), the trials they face, the paths they must take to protect each other, the battles they must fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure.