Welcome to Tana Ciné's Gold Class
the ultimate luxury cinema experience!

While relaxing on your comfortable seats, a nice and discreet team delivers food and drinks throughout the movie!
Be sure to arrive in advance to order before the movie starts...

You can purchase your tickets directly at the Gold Class Lounge.

Why not arrive early to our exclusive Gold Class lounge and have a glass of fine wine, a flute of the best Champagne before…and after the movie.

It’s the perfect place to catch up and begin to unwind before the movie even begins!

The Gold Class lounge welcomes you everyday...even if you have not planned to watch a movie!

Food & Drinks at Gold Class!

A range of quality snacks are on the Menu. Click HERE to discover the "Food" Menu

A variety of drinks such as Wines, Champagne, liquors and soft drinks will perfectly accompany your meal & movie. Click HERE to discover your "Drinks" Menu
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